Player's Portal

Player Dues

All players are required to pay dues in order to be qualified for match-selection. Dues are $100 per session (Fall & Spring), $200 per year. 

Old Boys dues are $50 per year to help support the Club.

Players can pay dues here:$NashvilleRFC 


All players are required to comply with USA Rugby's Club and Individual Participation Program (CIPP) in order to be qualified for match-selection. CIPP is an insurance that protects players and the Club in the event of an accident. *Note: When registering with USA Rugby, be sure to choose Nashville Rugby Football Club.

Players can register with USA Rugby here: wp/Memberships/Join.wp 

Social Events

There are post-match Social events for virtually every match! Exact details will be updated on the site, and/or our Facebook page. 

In addition, periodic social gatherings between players, friends, and family will also be announced here and/or our Facebook page.


Practice is held weekly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings - unless otherwise noted - at Rose Park (turf field - rubber cleats only). Tuesday's practices are from 8:30p - 10:30p and Thursday's practices are from 7:00p - 9:00p. Player's are expected to arrive on time and attend 75% of practices to be eligible for match-selection. If you can not make it, please contact one of the Captains - Adam (Forwards) or Nathan (Backs). 


Match location and time will vary depending on availability and scheduling. Kick off is typically in the early afternoon. Exact details will be updated on the Calendar as soon as possible. Unless otherwise instructed, players are expected to be at the pitch, booted and ready for warm ups one hour prior to kick-off.